Recent Trial Victories

Most cases never go to trial, they are resolved by settlement.  If you settle your case against an insurance company, you get less than you would if you won at trial, but you avoid the risk of losing at trial and getting nothing. 

Settlements aren't a bad thing.  Even the best lawyers don't win all their cases, sometimes the judge or jury gets things wrong.  And the legal system can take a long time to work, a settlement can get you paid a lot sooner.

But insurance companies don't like paying out money in settlement any more than they like paying it out in claims.  The insurance company isn't going to make a good settlement unless it thinks there is a good chance it will get beat at trial.

This is why you need the right lawyer.  Some lawyers talk a good game, but have no idea what to do when the case goes to trial.  You can be sure the insurance company lawyers will know whether your lawyer is any good, and will factor that in when deciding how much to offer in settlement.

So, how can you tell if you lawyer knows how to try a case?  Results matter, and a good trial lawyer wins trials.  So see for yourself, here are links to some of the cases I have won in the past couple of years.

But what happens if you lost at trial?  You can appeal.  Since I started my own firm, I have an unbroken streak of appellate victories.  Here are some of my results: VICTORIES ON APPEAL


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