Pamela West v. Met Life

Ms. West was an assembly line worker, who suffered a stroke that left her semi-paralyzed on one side, and with serious cognitive deficiencies.  She submitted a claim to Met Life, and even Met Life’s consulting physician agreed she was disabled

But, Met Life argued, maybe she got better.  They asked her for updated medical records, but with her cognitive problems she just couldn’t get it done.  So Met Life denied her claim, on the grounds that she hadn’t proven she remained disabled.

Ms. West had also applied for Social Security Disability.  Social Security sent her for two medical examinations, where her mental and physical problems were confirmed.  Ms. West sent these reports to Met Life, which responded that it was too late, because her claim review was over.

Judge Anderson thought otherwise.  He sent the case back to Met Life to consider the reports and other recent medical records.  His decision is here.  Eventually Met Life had to concede that Ms. West was disabled, and paid her full benefits.


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